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Arby's is the place for people hungering for a unique, better tasting alternative to traditional fast food. It's the favorite place for people who crave something different and something better.

WHAT.....SOMEONE STILL COOKS THEIR BEEF IN AN OVEN? Yes, in every restaurant, every day, Arby's slowly oven roasts each seasoned roast beef for over 3 hours. Then it slices it thin and piles it high so you get an oh so delicious, hot and juicy, roast beef sandwich.

From day one, Arby's Roast Beef Restaurants offerred an innovative menu, offering guests something other than hamburgers in the newly inspired quick service segment. When foodservice veterans Leroy and Forrest Raffel opened the first Arby's in Boardman, Ohio on July 23, 1964, customers enjoyed roast beef sandwiches and potato chips, and iced teas. To name their new venture, the brothers decided on Arby's, which stands for R.B., the initials of the Raffel Brothers - although many suspect the R.B. stands for roast beef.

Leroy and Forrest never looked back. They fine tuned the operation and sold the first franchise to Sam Feldman the following year. The enterprising spirit that originated with the Raffel Brothers has fuel the development of Arby's thoughout its 50 year history. Today the chain is about 3500 restaurants strong.


Hanson Restaurants Inc. is the largest Arby's franchisee in Canada. From its beginning in Edmonton in 1993 the Hanson Restaurant Group has grown to 16 Arby's Roast Beef Restaurants in Alberta and Ontario through it's unwavering focus and detailed execution of it's MISSION: to be the very best restaurant company in terms of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, sales growth, and profitability.

Core Values

DREAM BIG: We believe in the unlimited potential that lies within all people and are committed to providing opportunities for people to achieve their dreams

WORK HARD: We believe that hard work and Front End Effort are prerequisites for success

GET IT DONE: We believe that achieving positive results is the key to continued success for everyone

PLAY FAIR: We believe that winning teams play by the Golden Rule. We treat our customers, business partners and team as they want to be treated -- with respect

HAVE FUN: We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. Success comes more quickly by having fun while working toward our objectives

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: We believe that as a company and as individuals we have the responsibility to improve the quality of life for our employees and communities

Our Founding Truths

People Capability First: satisfied customers, sales growth, and profitability will follow

The RGM is our #1 Leader: not senior management

Run Each Restaurant Like It's Our Only One: avoid the trap of averages

Respond to the Voice of the Customer: don't just listen

Recognition Shows You Care: people leave when you don't

Great Operations Drives Customer Loyalty and Sales: be consistent

Quality in Everything We Do: especially the food

Operational Discipline through process & standards: consistency

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